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Emily creates bold, dark, and surreal textile art for the witchy ones among us.   A mix between an artist and a healer, she uses tarot, signs, and intuition to receive visual messages from the universe.  The messages are most often about power.  She hopes her work will serve as a daily visual affirmation of your own divine, feminine power.  Her unique mix of freehand machine embroidery and alcohol ink is the perfect fit for those with non-traditional style.  Because frankly, your house should be as badass as you know you are. 
Emily lives and works in Easthampton, MA across from a beautiful cemetery.  She is inspired by tattoo art, animals, tarot and the otherworldly, and any and all kinds of fiber.  When she’s not working she’s busy healing and finding joy in being a dog mom and aunt four times over, her amazing group of creative friends and living in her imagination.  She graduated with a BFA in Printmaking and Drawing from Washington University in St. Louis.  She is a member of the Society for Embroidered Work and her art can be found in personal collections across the world.



Each piece is created using a technique called freemotion machine embroidery. This is basically like drawing with a needle.  Making a few simple tweaks to a regular sewing machine allows you to sew in any direction. It is not unlike tattooing on canvas.  Each piece has a mixture of black and colored sewn thread as well as alcohol ink for baseline shading and color.

Pet and House Portraits

Pet and House Portraits

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