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Thread and ink on cotton canvas
12x12 inches

The skull image was burned into my mind on a trip to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia surrounded by skeletons of people who once lived, staring back at me in the present.   As I was creating it I thought about cycles of all kinds.

The cycle of death and rebirth.  The cycles of the seasons. The cycle of the moon.  Our bodily cycles.

There is a time for everything.  A time for joy and a time for sadness.  A time for life and a time for death.  A time for rest and a time for action.

This piece is a reminder to honor those times, even the lows, in order to appreciate and fully experience the highs.

This piece has a tremenous amount of sewn detail..  All of the shading of the skull, moons, and color wheel are entirely done with thread.  In making it, I allowed myself to honor times of play and exploration and I hope that energy is transferred to you.  

Cycle: Project
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