• Emily Porter

How and Why to Order Prints on Fine Art America

Art prints are an excellent option to be able to own the art you love, without the price tag of an original. You can also customize the size and material so that it is the perfect fit for your space.

There are so many options for buying amazing art prints these days. I've tried a few and have loved the quality of the prints and the amount of options from Fine Art America, which is why I've decided to go with them for my print-on-demand services. I make extremely detailed sewn work on raw canvas, and their prints show every tiny detail. It's hard to tell the difference between a print and the original! They ship directly to the customer, their customer service is top notch, and returns could not be easier. Win-win.

Their options are a big plus too. They offer everything from posters to canvas prints to metal prints to tote bags. They have so many amazing print options that it can be intimidating to place an order. In this post I'll show you how to order the perfect print for you so you can have that to-die-for art on your wall in no time.

I will take you through the ordering process and show you all the ways you can customize your purchase.

Step 1: Finding Artwork

You can search for artwork you like, or you can go straight to an artist's profile page. We are going to use my profile for Emily Porter Art.

Step 2: Choosing a Material

Click on an image. You'll see a larger version of the image. To the right, you will also see the options for materials. The art print option is the option most people think of when they talk about an art print. It is the imaged printed on paper (you can decide the paper type and matting/framing options later.) If you're looking for something a little fancier, the metal, wood, acrylic and canvas options are a really nice touch. They are more expensive, but will not need to be framed. You can choose your option here, but no worries, you can change your mind if you need to.

Look how beautiful these options are!



You can even use the 3D button on the left hand size to see all the way around to the back!

Metal - Back Canvas - Back

Step 3: Choosing a Size Pt. 1

I chose an art print so that I can show you some of the available options in this category. The next thing we need to chose is the size. This particular artwork has options from 8x8 inches to 30x30 inches. The prices vary depending on size, so you can click through to see what is in your budget. Do you have a particular space in your house in mind but don't know what size is right? I'll show you how to find out in step 4.

Step 4: Choosing a size pt. 2

If you are looking for a size based on a location in your home, Fine Art America some options to help you choose. Click on one of the size options. They have three pictures on the left hand side that will show you the size of the print relative to things that are in a room. Click on them to make them bigger. For example, one picture shows you what it will look like behind a couch. Another shows you a smaller seating area, and the third shows the top of a counter. This will give you a good sense of the scale.

Look at the differences here:

Step 5: Framing and Finishing Options

Next comes the final options like framing, matting, paper choice, or mounting depending on what material you chose. The art print, canvas print, and poster print all come with an option to have the print framed by Fine Art America. I can't attest to their framing quality because I usually buy the frame separately from another store. Choosing the framing option can be great if you want it to arrive ready to hang. You'll be guided to choose finishing options that match your material choice. Here is an example:

Keep in mind that these choices will also change the price. You can click and unclick to see which is right for you.

If you are purchasing a regular print or a poster print, it will also ask you to chose the type of paper you want. You can get something with a glossier look or something more matte. This is really a personal preference. I like the matte look better but you can choose whatever suits you.

If you choose not to have your paper print framed, they will warn you that it arrives rolled in a cardboard tube. Don't worry! Mine arrived in a cardboard tube and I left it under a heavy book over night and now it is as flat as can be.

Now you're all set to checkout! In a few short days, you'll be the owner of a gorgeous print from an artist you love.

Check out these pics of the print I ordered. I'm including a close up so you can see the quality!!