Mixed Media Embroidery Artist

Hello! My name is Emily and I am an artist living and working in Easthampton, MA. 

Creating artwork helps me to process my all my crazy, racing thoughts about our world.  The main themes that seem to come up are interconnection, power, mental health, trauma, gender, death, magic, and nature.  

The goal of my art is to connect to others using shared symbols.  For example, we could both dream of a spider, but the meaning we take away from the dream would be different  based on our interpretation.  A lot of my inspiration actually comes from dreams, both daydreams and nightmares.   I write about what each image means to me, but I'm even more curious of what that same "dream vision" means in your life.  

My art has taught me a lot about about where to find confidence, beauty, strength, and power. I hope seeing the pieces in your home reminds you of those qualities as well.

I choose to work in embroidery and ink because I love the thought of touch and texture and of things feeling cozy and solid. Each original piece is more like a tapestry with a sculptural feel of its own.   Like the quilts I made when I was younger, textile art makes me proud to do "women's work" while telling our stories.  



Each piece is created using a technique called freemotion machine embroidery. This is basically like drawing with a needle.  Making a few simple tweaks to a regular sewing machine allows you to sew in any direction. It is not unlike tattooing on canvas.  Each piece has a mixture of black and colored sewn thread as well as alcohol ink for baseline shading and color.